Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The day that destiny appears pretty much goes totally unnoticed by your conscious mind. I would assume that is because your are so caught up with what is happening that you can't quite focus on the reality of the situation. Destiny comes to us all if we choose to become aware of it and nurture it. When all that happened to me I had no idea just what had happened I only knew that I wanted to find out more, which led to more, wanting more, and more was not enough but there had to be more...............well you know where I am going with this. The desire came to light and being to young to know what it was, I knew I had to pursue what I felt inside instinctively.
As a young boy and still as a mature man I have always relied on my intuition. Some may call it instinct whatever you want to call it , TRUST IT! LISTEN TO IT! It will never let you down. While I did not have the scientific term for it at six years old, I felt it hit me square between the eyes. From that Christmas day forward my life would never be that same again for I was introduced to music and records and my parents would never again have their moments of peace and quiet. This magnificent little box with its incredible sounds emanating from the small speaker in the front lifted me beyond my wildest childhood expectations.
I would have to say that pretty well made it very clear that any hope of being a sports jock like my brother took a nose dive downward.
On that very day I learned some new words like "records" , 45rpm and a record label named
"D E C C A" and the name of a lady that would become my magnificent obsession and inspiration throughout my life.
It would become the first of many incredible journey's that fate had lined up for me. It would become my mantra to which I still live and believe today. The constant daydreams and fantasies that would follow my obsession were the magic genie lamp that I would rub daily and make wishes. It is now that I realize that by believing and visualizing at such a very young age I had set my future and as in all wishes the universe listens and it would be just a matter of time before it would become my reality. I had stepped aboard the the Universal Airplane bound for destinations unknown and now I would begin the next step towards finding my seat but I would first have to run up and down many aisles in order to locate it.

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