Thursday, November 26, 2015


Incredible isn't it how the year suddenly advances to the end and the house once again smells like a baked turkey and miscellaneous smells permeate every room. The first sounds of the upcoming season drift in the air and you find yourself humming and reveries of the past sneak in and out of your mind like little movie vignettes. I catch myself looking into the blue sky and wishing I could be on that cloud and look down and be able to see all that once was and all that will be for tomorrow. It astounds me just exactly what a year can create in ones life and the changes that can occur in the moment.
The emotions and up and downs that lead you to life changes and awakenings of things that seem to have suddenly appeared yet were there all the time, it just took timing to put it all together. The awareness of people who come into your life and yet some seem to disappear and never to be heard from again. It now appears to me like some kind of puzzle where each experience is placed into its proper fit and the grand picture will appear that I will see one day.
I ask myself often if running the race of life is the way I am supposed to live yet most times I realize I  no longer want to run in a race I can't win and can't live without at least attempting run the race at all.
My appetite for challenges always sets my pace for the competition but my awareness keeps the perspective at a different level and at this time of life it keeps me in the moment and never off in the unknown future. I can now see the summit and the peak beckons loudly but life and its fundamental slide down to the valley keep my view of reality in tact.
Each day my gesture toward gratitude grows stronger everyday and my thankfulness vibrates with every breath that I take. The excitement of what could arrive tomorrow makes any day the day of thanksgiving very exhilarating as it prepares for the ending of a new year and a new one of beginnings with many new roads that I will walk down. All the new incredible life changes will occur and new people will reshape my puzzle of life. Once again I will look out my window and watch the clouds as they drift by and look down yet once again in hope of seeing what once was and what is  now, which would be considered thanks in giving and receiving everyday of my life.