Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Art Of Catching Trains

As I raced wildly through the hurried crowd at the airport, all rushing to get to the gate where their flight would carry them to their next destination, I began to split my dimension and found myself being lifted from my own destination and into another reality that arranged a different view from above even though my feet continued to walk at a brisk pace.
I looked around at all the humans, all with a different agenda and all not aware of my emotions that were coming into full view as I made my way to the gate of my next space of time. I began to have so many feelings that were coming to me because of the things that I became aware of in the last few days. While going back to my considered home base is a happy thing it was also bittersweet with memories constantly hitting me up one side and down the other.
However on this visit it was not to be one of fun and party lights, no this visit was one of connection and redirection. Sometimes reality can hit you between the eyes and really send you into orbit, but for me it was a calm and peaceful awareness of future things that were yet to come, yet eagerly anticipated.
I embraced the person and my surroundings as if I had never left. I looked around and knew that things were a bit disheveled but still the surroundings felt wonderfully familiar and I instinctively knew that jumping the invisible hurdles would take patience, calmness and support to a friend who carries the same DNA of friendship that I have. I sat, at times, and scanned his aura for the correct way into the process of planning the new directions needed for a positive arrival to the next phase of life. I felt the days still ahead would have to lay down the next set of directions that would eventually lead him from the dark tunnel and out toward the light of a new happier tomorrow.
I often sat quietly and took everything in, silently researching the best way out of the dilemmas that plagued the atmosphere and at what swift pace could end the fears that danced around him. At times the tango dance of fear shrouded his demeanor in a split second.
I asked myself so many times what kind of approach would be the best. Eagerly I wanted the answer to this and many other questions and journaled my request to the universe in hopes of getting an immediate response so that I could move forward in the most gentle way.
Like most things that the universe delivers, the answers just show up in the most distinctive way and it will always be up to you to see the sign that is being given to you.
As we edged toward the starting gate and the boxes began to appear I had my universal answer delivered to me. The awareness completely surrounded me like a divine feeling when you know you are on the right track. To be exact "tracks" would be the necessary items needed to set his newest train on and learning to be the conductor toward his next chapter on the railway of life.
I stood silently there and gazed into a large box of miniature trains and realized at that moment that it resembled his life. All the trains were in plastic boxes all sealed up, unorganized, and not being used as they were meant to be. Those tiny train cars were not on any given track, yet they awaited the linking that would connect them and send them down the track to their destination not yet designated.

Intuitively I knew that I could help in linking his trains together. Support and confidence would help send him down the tracks to an unnamed destination and since he would be the conductor I would still be there at any stop along the way that needed assurance.
I realized that his love of trains was the symbolic propellent toward a new turn of events and the tracks would create the awareness and becoming the universal conductor he would arrive at his new destination and never look back.
It was at the moment of understanding the gift I had been given in having this friendship over the many years of life, that I realized in gazing into the box of train cars that there was truly was an art to catching a train. Innocently and without his own knowledge, he shared that special reality with me. Inside that big box of trains, all safely tucked away in their plastic boxes, laid a future and once they were all linked together, the destinations were limitless. I could feel the shedding of their plastic safe containment and sense the urgency of linking up to the reason for their creation and their desire to travel to destinations unknown.

I came away from my trip with a most distinct awareness. The love from friendship can be quite strong and yet quite fragile. Day after day I became privy to the feelings that had been dipped in depression and kept within a tortured soul. The conversations and emotions that were shared, slowly opened the door toward a hopeful light and a sense joy and direction began to form. It was then that I began to put the pieces together and could feel that I had done something good for a person who holds such a light in my heart.

It was through the tears and trepidations of my own anxiety that I came to realize that the true art of catching trains is seeing the perspective view from within your mind and having the drive and desire to catch the dream inside your heart and just conduct the ride on the train of destiny. For some of us, the art of anything can come naturally, and for others it takes a few times to put the image together. Yet when the image is clear and the horizon seeps in, the arrival at the next depot is exhilarating.

So in closing, the art of catching any train is arriving at the station on time and leaving your past behind you...........All Aboard!