Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The many times in my life that I have been asked, "How did you know what you wanted to do in life?" And each time I answer that it came from within, a sort of biological DNA makeup. My genes had it all planned before I knew it, the only thing I did differently from anyone else is that I paid attention to my mind's guide and moved with the instincts that took me in the right direction to my life career destination. It offered more than anyone could tell you about and molded me into the skilled professional, emotionally intuitive person that I am today. I became the term that I made up called a "THAIRPIST". I possess the skills to rearrange the follicular sproutings that grow outside a client's head, but I also seem to be the designated THAIRAPIST to help with the jumbled mind sprouts that exist from within a client's head.
Learning the "art" of hair care does not simply mean that you have the ability to work a pair of scissors, or hold on to a pair of clippers, and can apply a color from within a bottle with rapid speed. No, there was a lot that did not get written into a Malady's Cosmetology Book. There was no chapter in PSYCH-HAIR-ITRY and even if there was you could never have learned it from any textbook. That ability comes from within and your sensitivity to human psyche turns on the conversing link that makes the person in your chair feel open enough to expel information that would not be available to just anyone. Most times, more than you would expect to know about someone. I have been privy to information that has definitely shaped the way I feel about the emotional psyche of people. It has helped me to be more aware and understanding and it has crossed my lines of too much information that I really did not need to know.
I have clients who wear their insecurities for all to see and clients who possess the ability to hold their uncertainties inside. They all come to be reinvented in the way they view themselves. The information that is added creates the aura that makes them flow with their decision to change their look and to be noticed. The idea's that present the picture inside their heads usually do not end up as they presented it to themselves, yet they adjust to the new view and are very satisfied that a visual change has occurred and they feel better about themselves. Through concentrated conversations the merger of the minds occurred. Others have tried to push me to do it their way and after a power struggle the final result is usually the professional one.

The ability to care so much about what other people think of my personal decision is mind boggling. Why we have to care if someones critiques our choices is frustrating and demeaning and should not determine the outcome of any personal choice that is made. My knowledge has served me well to understand any situation of my profession that I embark on and the wisdom to know when to not move forward. Unfortunately my patience for the unhappy ego is not as prevalent as it once was. I find now that blatant honesty is my best approach for the aggressive insecure individual who feels the need to dictate how I will approach the situation. In any pending scenario I try to judge the best qualities and zoom in on those which always brings out the best in the individual. It is within the confines of my THAIRAPY chair that I get to create and learn about people and the way they view themselves. I get the opportunity to help people through their knowledge that has been handed to me and I get to share that to help others.

In the future when you come into the salon for a head makeover, remember the PSYC"HAIR"ATRIST is in so relax, close your eyes during that wonderful shampooing and tune in to yourself and let the results become a rewarding experience both physically and emotionally.

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