Friday, April 9, 2010


It started off in the usual manner....hat, coat, neck scarf, gloves, water bottle, and dog leash all in that exact order. A beautiful morning glistening, as there was an unusual golden orb in the sky sharing it's light toward the dog walk trails. It was a miserable cold, damp and rainy week of April. The existence of any sunlight at this time is a rare and appreciated moment. Ah, but this morning was different, the rain last evening had made everything sparkle with it's droplet's of water hanging on till the sun would steal them away to make more rain. I pondered heavily and hoped that it would be somewhere other than around our city. Rain does make some fun for my dog as she loves anything that will make her wet and the little holes of water are always necessary to step into and make for muddy paws. I could tell of the happiness in her gait as she trotted off to the next waterhole and taking a moment to engage in the stream of sunlight that lit the trail. As I continued onward I could not help but take in the fresh smell of the clean air that surrounded us in the park forest. I have seen so many trees in my lifetime but today they looked massive and even more beautiful being illuminated by the streams of light showered on them. I found myself almost recognizing them for the first time, and the spring flowers that were busting their way to the top to reach the warm sun to make their impending flowers bloom. I watched my dog run quickly for the squirrel that scampered quickly up the massive tree and then noticed her sniff the flowers that gathered around the trunk of the tree.
At that moment I realized more fully the term of stopping to smell the flowers or roses. It was then I realized how little we really need to make us happy when most everything we have within our reach is free. Take away the chaos and just look around you. You have heard the expression "On A Clear Day You Can see Forever" and today I felt I had done just that.
I have worked very hard to attain all the things that I have in my surroundings. I have spent countless hours perusing Ebay for the things that I thought that I must have to complete my desire. Hours of shopping to procure that must have to have item of clothing to wear. Moved up to the big house with acreage and plenty of squirrel friends and woodland creatures. Finally, last but not least, the proper vehicle with which to drive to make the explicit statement "I have arrived" only to be pulled into the garage to be parked till needed. All of this came with a price tag that was not of monetary value but of personal expense. Instead of looking around at the things that I already have I felt the need to acquire more which diverted my attention to the things that really mattered the most.
Today, the morning sun just added a new "light" dimension to the reoccurring realization of acquiring the unneeded and confirmed the fact that my overhead storage was ready for a major clean out. This would make my next flight out have less baggage in transport. Funny thing about clean out, it's what you do to the empty spaces after it is cleared that will determine what is to be put in it's place. One would hope for nothing and just keep the space empty to move around and get more in touch with having less. It will be a long overdue dismissal of everything that had an acquired urgency to procure and yet the interest has been rearranged and it is not as important anymore. Noticing the trees and seeing the leaves bust forth is amazing and how the cycle of life reappears at the first sign of spring. Spring cleanout as they call it, is repeating and giving you the opportunity to view and renew.
I look at the things around me and realize the state of inertia that exists for these pieces of desires,long faded away, have no big impact anymore and therefore must be replaced with simplicity. I can feel the winds of change beginning to blow underneath my wings. Removing the dead weight in the overhead storage will make for an easier liftoff. My urgency to appreciate the nature of things has taken hold and I want to land on greener pastures free of inanimate objects. I have friends that will keep the wind strong so that I won't fly alone and I will find the sunlight that is long awaiting me. I will always keep my desire for peace of mind alive because it is the hope just at my fingertips.
We will keep hiking our trails together, my dog and I, and now everyday I will bear witness to the renewal that spring offers and the changes that each season brings. When the fall whispers to the trees and tells it to shed it's leaves leaving the naked branches to withstand the winter's cold I now understand what is coming around the corner. Rest assured that the tree also cleans out it's overhead storage and patiently makes way for the spring renewal. The answer to your wildest and most amazing desire was there in front of your eyes all the time.
Clear the leaves of collected debris away and and let your branches reach out to new freeing destinations. Stay on your trail and look up to find your stream of light guiding you towards simplicity and an empty storage bin.


  1. WOW! This one is really heavy -- you are not really going to get rid of all of your collections, are you? An admirable feat! Bless your heart!


  2. Jon:

    I have not left a comment for a while but I do read your posts.....from time to time and get caught up when I do... It seems that bit of sun was so brief I almost forgot we had it. The price of living here, I guess instead of back east somewhere. Are you hiking in Tryon Creek or Marshall Park? I will be going over to Tryon Creek for a friend wrote a book and the gift store is carrying it -- he wrote it while sitting at the edge of the park and I dashed off a poem for him that he said fits perfectly - nice to hear anyway.
    Your story as always was entertaining, I am sure you will have lots of people waiting in line at your garage sale. Who knows I may be one -- although like you I am in the mood to 'let go' and clean out. Hope to get over to your shop as well.