Sunday, February 14, 2010


For me there was always a need to procure a window seat whenever a holiday vacation required air travel. Sitting in my seat I would gaze in amazement as the scenery changed moment by moment. The white clouds would build high and then they would disappear as fast as they appeared. The land below looked like squares and circles and rectangles and obtuse triangles all seemingly etched out just for me to see. Inside the plane looking through the glass, in my mind I would color the views I saw with all sorts of ideas and dreams of how my holiday would turn out and the fun things that would occur from having a trip away from reality. Each twist and turn of the plane would add a new addition to the vision that danced in my head. On the many trips that I would take to this date, each window vision still reminds me that the view from the top is still reachable no matter how gravity tries to keep you down to earth.
While all of this may sound trite and whimsical, it has been my life experience to still be able to float away to points high above no matter how many weights are tied to my feet. The view from any window can still transport me to places unknown and can show me the correct trail I will need to take to reach my destination. We all, at some time have looked out a window and yearned for some thing or had a daydream of what you would like to happen, but no matter what we see when we look out that window, one thing is for certain there is an incredible sense of peace that comes over you and in those few seconds you feel unchained in your surroundings.

My window's were my seat to the future that I so wanted to hurry up and get to. I can remember the sights of the neighborhood and the noise and the sounds of children, the smell of freshly cut grass and ocean air. The pungent smoke scent of a newly lit barbecue and the brisk aroma of hamburgers and steaks being grilled. In the background the sound of music and all being lived right from my bedroom window view.
Those moments spoke to me as life was being lived beyond my window. It was easier for me to see the view from afar and not get lost in the crowd of it. I had a terrible time allowing myself to be with a group of people as they would tend to be mean and cruel if you did not view things the way the group did.

I had this secret window to my mind. It was like my own TV set, yet I was able to see things ahead of time that would not be of a comfort zone to me. I would not get involved if that inner view was seen first. Luckily I still have that private inner mind TV, only now it is more of a flat screen, wider and thinner and is played to me now on a high definition mind screen. It seems that age allows things to be seen in more vivid living color sans the NBC peacock. My window views now consist of my own reality shows that play out the truths that are seen more clearly through my minds high definition monitor.

I can still see the life being lived around me and still smell the freshly cut grass, but now I see the surrounding colors more clearly than ever. The colors that represented so many things before are no longer attached to emotions. The window streaks have been washed away by the rain from years gone by. My color green is no longer envious and my reds are no longer maddening and my moments of blackness have given way to sky blue. My windows are always waiting for me to look through them, and I try as often as I can to see the views of what tomorrow brings.

Now when I reserve an air flight to any destination of my choice, I no longer require a window seat. If I get a window seat, great, but now the aisle seat suits me just fine also. Sitting on the aisle seat I can have a great view down the center of the plane, and I can see the door to the cockpit. Inside that door sits the pilot who will always point me in the right direction.

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