Friday, February 19, 2010


Today I happened to walk by the same mirror that I see everyday, yet today I looked back at the reflection and wondered who that was staring back at me. It resembled me but it reflected back more than my image. As I took a closer look, reflective memory flickered like the individual negative cells from a movie. All little photographs running together to form the complete picture of myself. Only this movie starred me and my co-stars were all the people who played a major role in my life. The leading man no longer had dark brown hair, in it's place stood white hair and the smooth skin of his face showed life lines from the years of living. The co-stars however still seem ageless in my mind's still-photo's from my movie. Some are still present yet other co-stars are no longer here.
I took the moments to recognize that the star person I was in the beginning of my movie is not the same aged star that is present today. The camera angles have been restaged and the sets have been remade. Some finished scenes previously filmed were bumpy and some were smooth and yet the future scenes still have to be played out.

My starring role took on a most exhaustive script, most of which has been being rewritten as the shooting of the film wears on. I couldn't allow a boring loosely scripted movie to be made, I seemed to want the drama and confrontations that life choices had to offer. I required straight dialogue yet part of it had to be a musical. It couldn't follow a typical Hollywood farce but it had to outshine all the others thus far. It had to get nominated for an Oscar as the leading man was giving a bravura performance.....I thought....but wait the ending hasn't been written yet.

I always thought that having a Hollywood style life was to be the ultimate life. Glitz, glamour, money and lots of attention to detail. However somewhere along the way I became aware of the reality behind the movies. It was such a great thing to be young and innocent of just what life had in store. You grow up to become the director and producer of your own life movie and you get to write it and play it out till the ending credits roll. When those final credits are rolling down the screen I will be able to say thanks to all who contributed in the making of my movie.
In all sincerity I believe we have a lot of thanks to be said to those who surrounded us with all the sub-plots and sub-titles, and dialogue. Even those times when the camera used black and white film, it would always end up in living color once again. Just like Dorothy who opened the door to Oz and everything blended into color then, once again back at home, it was in black and white, well actually sepia tone but still colorless. It seems that the fantasies that dance around in our minds are full of color and life and the whole cast is happy and stressless. Then when you get back to reality it all seems so black and white and just a bit out of focus every once in a while.

Through the mind's camera lens a million different images are being shot every second of your conscious day. All being stored within a place inside your brain and edited according to your needs and desires. We will never comprehend the amount of film it would take to film it all or the amount of storage it would take to house all that the mind sees in a single day. Yet we are constantly being taken away by work or home life and never have the time to look at what the daily film log may have captured and shown us when screened. I think we would be quite surprised and aghast at what we would be viewing in a day's time period. Instead we just use what we needed and cast the edits in the trash can, yet the can never seems to get emptied regularly. We assume that those edits that are in the can don't contain any vital scenes that could have an impact on the sub-plot within. It is by trusting your instinctive acting skills that will always guarantee you top billing on the marquee.

If life truly is a candid movie then why aren't we trying to make a lot of sequels to our life's big box office hits? Let's just dispose of all the flops that were made and for god's sake let's not repackage them and make them into another bad rental movie. Keep a keen sense to the direction being given to you and don't ever give up on the producer as he always will be your support when the life line's need rewritten.

For me,...... well I am currently having a script rewrite as the dialogue in my life was getting to mundane and repetitive and I needed a current writer.
When the cameras begin to steadily roll again I will definitely be on cue and ready for my scenes. I will have a clear view of the lens that will shoot my next sequel of living color...high definition......and in surround sound...for all to see and hear.
TITLE........ AIRPORT 2010-THE SEQUEL ....other titles still being considered.....
RATED........ AL (amazing life)

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