Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Within all of us there lies an entrancing story of our life. From infancy to
adulthood, the stories abound with happiness and sadness, triumphs and disappointment. There would be love and indifference, joy and sorrow and anything in between the emotion meter. We could tell stories that could ignite laughter and brings tears to your eyes. The mystery novel that lies deep within our brain contains many chapters that would tell the story of one human journey to survive the experience known as life.

There are those who did not get the opportunity to live their life for long but the legacy that can be left behind is conjoined in the memory of others who remember their presence. The amazing thing about life is that it is not for sure and cannot be figured out so readily. We are told early on to reach for the top and don't stop till you reach your summit whatever that may be. I look back into my life and know that my discomfort of not being in control is my roundabout that keeps me in circles trying to figure out the quickest solution to my "momentary" need. It is time to throw in the towel and immerse myself into the waters know as faith. That one little word that has such bastardized meanings to so many religious pratfalls. The faith that I speak of is in the trusting of ones self to lead you to where the universe needs you to go to. It is much harder than one would expect, after all you can't control it, faith just has to BE. Like I said before... "easier said than done"

I have a story to tell like all of us do. Mine is a quiet love story with all the twists and turns and highs and lows of a struggle against time and the promise of requited love. My future writings will be telling my story and all the fantasy that can be infused to make a story move you. As usual all the names, places and references to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and not of any intention.
While some of the story may be infused with private reality there will be fiction to add fuel to the literary motor. This process will take some time and the pages will be withdrawn from the archives within my brain cells. The story, which has been written many times over in my head, will then unfold into a worded reality.

It's a new beginning for me into this foray of a literary world and I am sure that my learning curve will come with the territory but I will learn as I go. If the chance is not taken to put into story form the words that have so lingered within then I will not have taken the risk to prove to myself that I at least tried. I feel it is better to take the risk and land where my next life adventure begins.
I hope, like my predecessor "Jacqueline Susann" that I will have my dog at my feet while I write and she will give me the canine support by staying beside me.
I could only hope for any success in accomplishing something that I have never attempted before. It will be great to share the words and the story with the people who have been reading. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

So wish me luck and a good manicure when all the typing is done...I hope it turns out as I have silently written it.


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