Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This morning I had the hardest time finding the courage to open my eyes and face the day. Not because of anything particular, it was mostly because I wanted more answers to the reoccurring scenario that has been repeating itself on a nightly basis. It involves a picture that has scenes that are of an abstract contemporary etching. It feels to me in the dream like it is on some form of aluminum and to look at it brings about emotions and feelings, which lead me to believe that some information is in the workings on the art piece. The attraction in the art piece is powerful and I keep being drawn to it in search of some kind of answer to questions I have yet to ask.
I wonder now of how many other subconscious signs have paved the way toward the future that is now my today. The impact that dreams can have on your conscious activity is amusing. All the images within that dream flash through your mind and all day long you are caught up in the idea of what it all could mean. I would have to say that the constant questioning is aggravating and leads to nowhere due to the fact that you are trying to find the rhymes and reasons for such imagery. This constant natural ability has been happening to me most of my life. I am aware that when you have a cognisant dream, it is the sign that you must stay aware that something is pending and to let the natural flow begin to lead you to the reality that is just around the corner. It will happen and most likely go unnoticed or will appear in he form of a deja vu that surrounds you with the most familiar scenario as if you had an instant replay of an audio visual situation.

Signs appear in the most unusual way. The day to day activity and noise debris are the distracting things that take your focus away from your conscious activity. At the intersection of Aware and Focused there lies an amazing amount of information that will move you to places that you had hoped to encounter. I learned at a very early age that no matter how much chatter is coming your way learn to keep your focus on the goal that you have planned and never take no for an answer. In fact find an alternate route and you will be amazed at what comes from taking a different road. The airport signs along the road will direct you to the correct gate that you will need to continue your flight toward your destination of choice.
While there are many positive signs that you will encounter there are just as many warning signs that are most important to pay close attention to, as they will direct you out of a dilemma that you may be sorry you got into.
I recall several times that I was to take a holiday trip and on numerous occassions I kept having moments of uncertainty about the flight. I would dispell the ideas as silly and would force them out of my mind but yet they would sneak unnannounced back into reality and I would have to rethink the situation again. I have even gotten on the plane and the emotion of fear would take over me and I have taken my seat belt off and took a run out of the boarding gate with such fright that I barely made it out the door before my fear would turn to extreme paranoia. It would always come with a conclusion that would have lead to an unhappy ending if I had not paid attention to the information that was being sent to me. Most of us would understand the term GUT feeling and there in lies the first sign to pay attention to. TRUST in it and you will have a more peaceful happy flight.

There were other times when I wanted a sign to tell me if I was heading in the right direction albeit a trip or a goal and I continued onward, still a bit insecure, when the simplest moment would occur and it was the sign that I was needing to make the ending a happy one. It could have been a situation, or a conversation or something that I may have read, it did not matter what IT was but it connected and I felt he click of the safety belt that held my security in my seat on the plane of which I was traveling.

When your intuition is questioned by others of influence remember to analyze the truth within your soul and know that it will put you on the correct path to where you want to be. How you interpret the signs is up to you, but I stongly suggest that you read them as they are seen and not infuse any idea that you are forcing into a reality that is not ready to happen just yet. If that occurs there will be unforseen ruts and potholes that will make your journey unpleasant and scrambling to find the way back to a smoother road.

I truly believe that the gift of intuition and clairvoyancy is within us all and all we have to do is be quiet and listen to the resonating information being delivered daily. When you are taken to the airport to catch a flight you have to pay attention to where your gate is and to the time of boarding. It is the same thing in life. Pay attention to the signs at your personal airport and read them as they are written and trust that they are directing you to the right gate.

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