Saturday, January 9, 2010


When you are given a gift you have the choice to accept it,give it back or totally refuse it. In life, well at least my life, the gifts came in multitudes. I know now that everyday there were more things given to me that I was totally unaware of. The amount of things that came my way went unannounced and snuck in in their own, without any acknowledgement. These gifts were not always of the physical realm that you could play with or hold and touch. No, these were the gifts of awareness that arrived and did their magic to your brain. One of the first gifts of memory to me was realizing that if you kept your hands under the water long enough and the soap was completely rinsed off you would not have to taste a soapy sandwich after washing. Sound silly? Yes..........but it was a gift of awareness. It may be dumb and insignificant but it really was a defining moment to connect the dots from soapy unrinsed hands to a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich void of soap residue. When you think about those little moments, do you ever realize the amount of information that was given to you? No,of course not, because at the moment you are just taking your daily journey to growing up and there wasn't enough time to pay attention when so much is happening to you.

I see now that we really do go through our lives, just winging it. I would run to the edge of my mountain everyday and leap, naively unafraid of the fall that may occur. I was secretly frightened though and wanted no one to know of my fears. In keeping that side of me hidden I would become belligerent and on the offensive to distract the insecurity. Your peers can be cruel and can instantly point fingers and I wanted no part of that. School was to become,for me, a challenge for the fittest. I learned how to maneuver around the obstacles that were supposed to be "friends and classmates". All the while dodging the bullets that were fired if you didn't agree with the "in" crowd. The "in" crowd was the only way to stay quietly afloat without being noticed as different. The fraudulent thing about that was the "in" crowd was really "". Great cover up though. Stands to reason as to why we all hid the deepest secrets we NEVER shared with anybody. To this day, I would say that those secrets still lie within us, never to be shared. Instinctively I knew how to stay ahead of the pack but I first had to recognize the gift of intuition and answer the incoming call. When I finally made the connection it became the source of many mental conversations that are still being sent on a daily basis.

With a fervent passion I still "instinctively" wrote my daily letters to my special P.O Box and mailed them everyday on the way to school. My goal was to lick that stamp every morning and have it in the mailbox by 8:15am. After that feat was accomplished, I would take my leap into the day and endure whatever the day would bring.
Funny thing about repetition, it can create amazing outcomes, unknowingly. Little did I know what I had begun to draw to me. The biggest kind of gift that you could never have imagined. The kind of gift that takes years to create and seconds to destroy. The gift that loves and hates, can make you happy and make you cry. The gift that can break your heart and make you soar. You only get a few of these gifts in your lifetime and very,very few last a lifetime. That gift is called FRIEND.
I prefer to call them ..................WING MATES.

Their energy presence helps to keep the air moving under my wings as I fly throughout my life. This gift of a friendship comes with no price tag, but it is hugely valuable and comes with it's own oxygen tank when your plane starts to spin out of control which is a vital thing to have when you need more air to keep gliding.

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