Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We have been following the mystery of the heavens since the beginning of time. The guidance that has been proclaimed from the planetary mysteries have given us insight into the many happenings on our earth that have occurred due to the alignment of planets. A recent conversation from a very dear friend brought up some intense questions that have had significant impacts on my life. We spoke of the current planet alignments and the impacts that have been happening and the Mayan interpretation of the end of the world in 2012. In keeping with the beliefs that soon we may all become extinct, we both agreed that there is more going on here than anyone could possibly understand or comprehend. We both knew that somehow we had been given the ability of clairvoyance and the keen sense to know when something was not right when we sensed uncertainty. It was apparent from both mind angels that the solutions to a lot of our early problems were always present and we just could not see them clearly.
I would welcome knowing that some kind of planetary interference was responsible for some of the choices that I made, that way I had an excuse for it turning out all wrong...... "The heavens made me do it"
It was all sent down from heaven alright, unfortunately I had to make a little hell out of it before I saw the heavenly light. That is not to say that life has been hell, actually quite the contrary, but when things would go a bit awry I tended to lose sight of the alignment and go off on a tangent. I know now that the planetary pull always brought me back into the alignment with myself. The awareness of this fact happens at different times for everyone. I am most fortunate to recognize it now.

My "Star" flight began its boarding call with that little yellow slip of paper that arrived courtesy of the Western Union man. This destination point would open up many doors to the reasons and actions that would be carried with me to this day. The journey has since come full circle and is now completing it's last arc of closure.
In trying to take control of this amazing situation, I began to develop coping skills to mask the anxieties that filled my days till the destination could be reached. The mere fact of meeting the one "Star" that started and ended my day with her music was very compelling. Being someone who knew no rules and charted my own boat, I had no idea how to gain a calm sailing into the conclusion. The huge amount of daydreams and fantasies multiplied daily and I would have twenty one days of unaligned days. From a childhood perspective, suffice it to say.... an eternity. Thus began my foray into trying to take control,the inability to allow control from other than myself, and last but not least, anxiety anorexia. As it seemed to my Mother, she would end up taking a holocaust type child to this concert, because of me being such a foreign entity who could not eat,sleep,or focus. In recollection I can only assume that she was aware of why I was being this way and tried her best to assure me that all would be fine.
When the magic concert day arrived it was one of the most stressful days of my whole nine years on earth. No one had schooled me on this and all I wanted was to be "Hollywood Cool" and not have any fears there to take anything away from me. I needed control but Mother's parental rights won over anything else, besides I really needed her safety net, should I fall.
We arrived early at the concert hall and I first saw the big "STAR SPECTACULAR" bus that held all the performing artists. We were greeted by a stagehand and ushered briskly to the area where we were to be staying. The great thing of where we were sitting is that it was in eyesight of the bus where one by one, the ten artists playing the show stepped off the bus and made their way to where we were sitting. It was a big stage room and it was obviously the sitting room where each performer stayed before their performance. My heart was beating out of control in getting to meet some of the most popular rock-n-roll artists of their time. My Mother was so very gracious and when we were introduced to each performer, I transcended all space and time. One by one the autographs appeared in my autograph book, yet I had still had yet to meet the one "Main Star". For fearing the worst,,,and my anxiety completely out of control we were then summoned to the bus and were told to follow the stagehand. Grasping ever ounce of energy and holding on to the many records that I was carrying we stepped up into the bus as it was time for the meeting that I had planned in my mind for the last twenty one days.
My "STAR" shined brightly that night. She was everything and more. She was as small in height as I was and so very kind and genuine. At that meeting a promise would be made and to this very moment in time, this promise has never been broken. Nothing else existed for me at that moment and it's bright afterglow would not fade away for a very long time to come. I still light memory fires with little pieces of that memory and its embers keep me warm with love.

A new constellation formed in the sky that night. It was just for me. It may not be seen by many people or even have a scientific name, but it is there. When I look up in the sky my eyes always find it. It shines like a comet blazing its way through the universe leaving stardust trails that light the way for me to see my line of flight toward my own private planetary alignment.

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