Sunday, January 1, 2012


As the midnight hour drew nearer on New Years eve, I sat alone thinking of just how much the past year has brought to me. All of the desires that I asked the universe for happened like clock work, and here I sit pondering all that has happened. Amazed by the fact that everything did occur as seemingly planned, and awed at the fact that the year has closed and a new one has begun. Before I called it a day and took myself to bed I spent several minutes sending out a Happy New Year to everyone and received many replies back. Even though it was a solo non eventful celebration I felt no sadness that the year was officially ending. I shut out the bedroom light just as the clock struck twelve midnight. From outdoors, the firecrackers popped loudly and the fireworks danced across the sky. The New Year made its entrance and the world celebrated. Just what would the new year bring I thought, just before Mr. Sandman took me away.

I awoke with the sun sneaking its way in to the sun porch and was greeted with a paw reminding me that dog attention was needed. The early morning air was exhilarating and the sunlight danced around my body making me feel warm. It was a New Year and this one was starting off with a large vat of changes and adventures that were yet to be discovered. This would be the year to explore new avenues and directions. What may show up, I had absolutely no idea but I know for sure that my mind races daily searching my mental Internets for ideas and information.

I suppose that it would be best to acknowledge and appreciate the time off that I have had yet not a day goes by that I am not forming new vignette scenarios of my future. It feels like an inert energy compels me to go about my day and just let the bits of information dart in and out of my mind as the day goes on. I look around me everyday and see more blue sky and sunlight than I have seen in quite a long time. The light has made me begin to see things differently and the warmth surrounds me with an assured feeling that I have not felt in quite a long time. In a sixth sense kind of way I know that my private Internet connection will make the proper download soon and I will be directed to the right web page. On that website will be the information that I will need to take on the new direction of which that silent sense led me to.

I have learned more than ever that the things you truly want are always waiting for you, and all you have to do is see the end result and never lose sight of it. All of a sudden one day you will sit back and realize it all happened faster than you ever imagined. Patience has not been one of my attributes but a strong will and determination has. Unfortunately one deters the other until you learn to just allow it all to move as one and keep looking for that horizon you have your eyes set on.

On that last day of every year everyone tells you "HAPPY NEW YEAR" yet the tricky part is learning how to be the "Happy" in any New Year and on any day during the year. That is on my list of things to achieve this year....and one that I hope to sit back and realize one day that Happy actually did arrive within.

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