Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It would seem to most of us that our lives run in a parallel to most instances of life choices. Along with the people we love, the work that we do and the animals that we bring into our lives. The life choices take us down paths to directions of interests and desires and the people that we end up bringing into our lives to love were the guests along the highways we traveled to be where we are at the present moment. If we are lucky within all that we have discovered by living our hopes and dreams there often arrives a canine that delivers us the good feelings that are sometimes lacking in the human world. The mere thought of unconditional love can send many people running scared of what that entails, while the canines win that feat hands down and actually have absolutely no awareness that what they are doing is trying to set an example for us humans to follow for the betterment of society. I, myself have learned plenty about that from my canine companion and have become a better human by having her presence surrounding me on a daily basis. Through canine energy I have become more aware of what it takes to be a more loving person and at peace with what IS at most given moments.
It has been my privilege to have the presence of many pets in my life. All of them shared a dedication to me and I to them.

It was just a few weeks ago that a dear friend arrived for my services and in starting our time together I witnessed a very distressed and sad situation unfolding before me. The tears of unknown endings flowed from the eyes that usually held positive engaging conversations and knowledge. Information that would always smooth away the rough surfaces that were shrouding me at the time. My response, as a friend, was to immediately take away any and all of the pain that had caused the tears despite not knowing the exact cause of what it was. My response was immediate and I wanted my comfort to take away the sadness. Without really knowing for sure I had a sixth sense to know that there had to be some kind of animal involvement yet no confirmation of that had been spoken yet, still it was my first and foremost feeling.

Regaining a little composure, I took it upon myself to ask what was going on, and with abated breath her response entailed my first and worst fear that something was wrong with one of her favorite furry companions. As my heart fell laden with grief she began to explain through the vail of tears what circumstances lead to the unmasking of psychic composure. As the story spilled from her lips I could feel the emotions begin to surface within my own awareness from my past of a similar scenario. It was all I could do to hold back my locked waterworks cabinet but unfortunately the lock did not hold back the water that began to overflow down my face as she gave the final conclusive ending that was not to complete in a happy ending. My heart and my head began spinning with bereavement and I tried with all my might to regain my strength so she could lean on me for the time it would take to complete our scheduled meeting.
The moments of time that passed while we continued our conversation opened the path to a contemplative uneasiness of a realization that I needed to deeply think about. I could not relinquish the emotions that my friend was feeling and that had spilled over into my reality. I ended that day in a most peculiar mind set and it followed me back home and decided to make a place in my series of mind thoughts. It wasn't enough to feel sadness for the whole situation, yet for some reason it came with a new view of life's rotation of happiness and sadness. I could not shake the feeling that some unknown emotional path was being laid out and had no clue as to where it would end up for her as well as myself. One thing I knew for sure, that canines departure would be transcendental. There was some sort of presence that was making an appearance too early as if it was on some sort of time clock. My reason for stating this fact is because this pet was not the first to conclude their life early in the game of canine existence. It would seem through her eyes that something was truly amiss here, as the scene was unfortunately all too familiar to her. We both agreed that there was some kind of science going on that needed an immediate halt for any future happenings.

I couldn't make the repetitive thoughts leave my conscious as it just did not add up to anything that was not dismal. I would later find out that it was a comfortable and quick exit to the life that once held the name of Riley. Upon hearing the news of her pet passing I took my own private dog walk with my best dog friend. As we slowly made our journey I recalled the saying "The Life Of Riley" which made it's way into the slang term "You have the life of Riley".................................
eg: sensitive,aware,happy,loving,fierce,gentle,protective and a true friend that would stand up against all who caused undue harm" That described the personality of this dog story and it would pretty much sum up the same qualities that existed within this canine soul that left the earth plain too early.
Acceptance is a very difficult road to travel when choice is not yours to make. Biology, chemistry and love combine to make things happen beyond our control. It is not withstanding that my friend had a journey laid out for her willy nilly. The absence of presence is most difficult to accept, or understanding the why's of a sudden departure from a life that was immensely loved. The law of attraction will soon supersede the life exit that broke the heart that now needs to repair. To experience the healing moments is painful yet there will soon arrive another Karmic Canine to settle into his place in the life of Riley's. We all could only hope to one day feel that immense amount of love and caring that will fill the void that was left behind from such a quick exit. For if we were truly blessed in having that much love surrounding us then we would truly know the truest meaning of "The Life Of Riley".
I know it, as I got to witness it, and I still strive for it myself everyday.
SO... If you happen to be walking out on the beach and see a lumbering Bernese Mountain dog running toward you, don't be frightened, just embrace the view as it is the aura of The Life Of Riley showing you the way to the lovelight.

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