Sunday, January 2, 2011


The New Year leaped in as if the police were chasing after it. As we glanced at the clock at midnight and said our "Happy New Years" I snuggled deeper into my warm blanket to get warmer from the cold night winds that stirred the trees outside. As I turned off the TV and shut out the light, I watched in the distance through the window, the celebratory fireworks that lit the sky with its brilliant hues of color all streaming down for the eye to see. I asked myself what would the new year bring and how would I begin to approach the new adventures that laid before me. The previous year had laden me with too much stress and I had finally won out on letting go of the control that so plagued my life.
For the first time I can see the new year as something to marvel at. Like a new beginning of something older, myself to be exact. I can now move in a forward pace and not be my own problem. The more I give in "thanks" the more I have begun to receive back in peace.
It does not take a New Year to bring about changes, no...the calendar just flips over and begins a new countdown, starting with the number 1. We just need to stay at the number one position and keep focused on what things we have to be grateful for. I will start my New Year off with boxes and packing tape. I shall put away the objects in boxes that will no longer keep me tethered to their memories, at least for the time being. My surroundings will be given a new venue to learn and my avenues will be paved with new roads to travel both personal and work related. If I can hold the sight on to the views I see ahead, my new year will be enlightening, to say the least.

I am planning my escape soon, and will be leaving on runway number five to destinations unplanned. I can now live the "one day at a time" routine which has done wonders for my mental state. I will know when the touchdown occurs at the same time as it is happening, that way there will be no more disappointments and my joy will give way to them happiness I have hoped for all my life. It was there all the time. I was buried with too much sand in my eyes to realize the simplest of facts. In my selfish wisdom, I just got lost finding my way to me.

Let the journey begin!

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