Saturday, March 20, 2010

BREATHING AIR....a short ditty

We come into this world totally void of emotions, prejudices, and assumptions.
About the only thing we knew how to do when born was to cry when hungry and to suck voraciously and to breathe to stay alive. The latter is the most important part that we seem to lack the ability to do. "Just Breathe" Take in some fresh clean air and let all the emotions, prejudices, and assumptions melt away by calmly breathing. Awfully easy to write about but difficult,it seems, to put into action. Like a rain shower from a heavy dark cloud passing over, we wait anxiously for the clouds to move on so the sun can shine again. It's trite and simple but the waiting game is a hard game to play. I want results now and most everyone else feels the same way. That is not a surprising realization, considering the pace we put ourselves through on a daily basis. All racing to get somewhere and upon arrival to the place you thought you should be, you realize that is not where you were headed. Somehow the road split and you missed the turnoff sign, and took the wrong exit.

So here you are, now breathe, and calmly focus on how you got there in the first place.

It's not the breathing that's the problem, it is the time it takes to be calm and review things about yourself that need to be tuned up and realigned.
The flight computer known as my brain, has had many file corruptions, several shut downs and many memory cards expanded. When out of control my hard drive goes manic and looks for the answer as fast as it can, yet never fast enough. The emotions go awry, the prejudices take over and the assumptions finish it all off. I forgot to breathe! For the amount of time it takes to panic, I would have had time left over if I had just taken in some air to purify my angst. It's an age old story that needs to be put to use as the conclusions will always remain the same and the file corruptions that have occurred in the past are now barely recognizable.
The realignments,for me, have started and the badly needed emotional tuneup now will carry me through the life changing leaves of my autumn years. In the years ahead I know that I will take the time to breathe as if I had just begun life. Sadly,it took so long to recognize the power of breathing in as it can change your disposition in a split second.

A word for the wise: Before you hop on board to your next destination take a moment to breathe in all the elements of what you are about to do. See, Hear and Feel the center point of your emotions and then fly outward towards destiny. It awaits you!

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