Sunday, July 5, 2015

A. G. E

Posting some pictures online the other day and then watched as the comments were made. One comment came from my brother who said " God what age has done". I kept myself busy for the rest of the day and in the back of my mind those five words kept vibrating in my mind and just would not leave my thoughts. I revisited my thoughts time and again that afternnoon trying to find the answer to the statement from those words of his response. I did not want to contemplate to far into the past as it would prove to be overwhelming to try to write down all that age has done.
First and foremost is the fact that I am sitting here writing with a mind stuffed full of incredible life experiences both happy and sad and enough knowledge to make me aware of any choices that I will make in my future. I learned that nothing is forever and that having the courage to face each day head on is the only way to experience life. Learning to accept things that are not in my control because there never was control to begin with. Understanding the complexities of human personalities and removing the people that do not vibrate on the same level that I do. Realizing that life in the past and future are not mind sets that I venture into very often and understanding the fact that now is all we really have and should revel in every second of it. Finding that the road to forgiveness was a long and arduous process when all I had to do was open my heart and see that I am not always perfect and neither is anyone else.
Recognizing the friendships that have withstood all that time has given to them and to still be able to call them friends despite the differences and distance that can separate each of us from time to time. Watching how family can grow up and bring such happiness and heartbreak yet still bring joy in the gathering for a holiday.
Remembering the times when parental guidance was such a youthful irritation but wishing that there was a little more input when the going got rough. Missing those phone calls from the parents to ask about your life and receiving suggestions that were never asked for yet were used later in life.
What age has done for each of us can only be answered within the confines of the mind and how you
chose to play the game called life. For my satisfaction age has created the lines of truth that show on
my face and my thinning hair has been created by all the wisdom that is crowded into that orbital shell that sits on my shoulders. 
My vision at times may be a little cloudy but I still see beyond what was and what will be. Hearing has been replaced by finally listening when spoken to. answer to what age has done I know that it has created the life that I know as mine and laid out the paths to wisdom. I greatly understand now what the three letters of the word age mean. 
I think we will all agree ...A mazing G reat E that I say thank you dear age for giving me the ability to say that I have lived through it all!


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