Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The weekend spilled into Sunday as it always does and with it brought another round of special memories. The end of that week day possesses certain routines that are easy and comfortable as the easy chair that fits your being like a warm blanket. Every Sunday comes with the knowledge that another week is just around the corner. Lately with so much time on my hands I have had the time to take a look at how many weeks and months have dissolved into years that now have seemed to fly by.

It appears to me that when we are so completely taken with our day to day work and home life that we hardly take the time to see where we have been and how we got there in the first place. For some reason the last day of the week always has a special presence unlike the other days of the week. It is a time to do things that don't get taken care of during the week. A time to reunite with friends and the ultimate Sunday dinner that permeates the room with the smell of what has been cooking all day.

For me it would all be enhanced by the country music that always filled the airwaves with its twang and heartfelt lyrics. Those special days now are spent with the misty memories of my youth. Now as the autumn of my life has taken hold I hold dearly those times of innocence and family life that dissipated with growing up. The changing of life still holds within its grasp the many friends that spent those adult Sunday's, all of us sharing moments of time and space and adding to the file of memories that each weekend would bring.

Why does it all seem so important now, I asked myself that question and realize the answer is all to easy. It always has to do with a beginning and an end that all humans seem to live by. When we begin our week we inevitably can't wait for it to end so that we can have the time to do what really pleases us, all the while silently planning the next beginning of the new week ahead. Having had the days and weeks merging together for me for a while now, I find that I travel often into my memory banks and become aware of the things that I often took for granted or just never took the time to appreciate.

The amount of things that went unnoticed are never lost inside the hard drive of your mind. Somehow certain past moments magically appear, and given your present state of mind, offer you the opportunity to feel emotions that were long overdue for recognition. Taking the time to stroll down memory lane is healing and an affirmation of the incredible past that each person indelibly holds within their brain.

Taking the time to waltz down memory lane is a joy and can open the flood gates of emotion. I can assure you that the tears that fall with each past memory, are the cleansing waters that purify your future awareness and makes you thankful that the next years of life will no longer be misty.......................................

The fog has finally lifted.......and the flight of your life continues onward.

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