Thursday, February 2, 2012


It happened to be one of those days where there was not much to do so I decided that I would go through some old boxes of items that still had not been put away in a proper place. At the bottom of the box laid a compact disc with no writing on it and even though it appeared unused I slipped it into the computer to see what may appear on the disc. As the computer read the disc music began to flow out of the speakers and incredible flashbacks began firing off like fireworks in my mind. I recognized the people singing and all that transpired when this music was made. As the lyrics of the song played on I began to hear the words differently than before. So much time has come and gone since I last heard these tracks and the emotions that were once felt have been replaced by finality's and uncertainties.
I sit and think about the time, long ago, when this all felt magical and the music that was made ignited an excitement within that has not been felt for quite a while. I look at the screen and see it being written as I type in the script that is in black and white and realize that the lyrics of that song were justifiably right. What once was is no more and we have opened and closed the doors that once would swing both ways. It repeats the question "Is it Too Late"? This query can not be truly answered. There is no desire of communication anymore and hurt feelings get in the way of the pain that comes with remembering that past.
How could it all so easily dissipate as if there was no solid ground with which to stand on and the answer is was only a one sided relationship of convenience. As the disc continued to play, the next track said it best and once again the lyrics had taken on a new meaning. When you realize that you had been fooled by a feeling it is necessary to step aside and remove yourself from the personal opera that continued to disappoint.
Now that years have come and gone and the dreams have flitted away, my life has moved on and the colors of tomorrow no longer appear in black and white.
It is true that dreams don't lie because my dreams have moved me to the overnight sensation that continues to unfold daily. The absence of what once was is now fading from view but the void it leaves in the heart has yet to be reconciled.
I know something will come to fill the void and I will look back on those hungry years and see a new spectrum culminating from the peace of mind by having laid to rest the black and white images of what used to be.

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