Sunday, November 7, 2010


Whenever I sit down and start to write I have ten million receptors going off inside my head and all of them have a story that wants to be written. It is confusing to try and place the words in an order that would appeal to any reader and at least capture their attention enough to complete the story. Within each of us there is a story to tell that would keep any one's interest when shared with the reader who relates to it. I find that each day that I sit and write, another part of me gets rediscovered. To find oneself is the key to living, it's how we live that defines our life. Waking up to discover that the path that you have been traveling is of a dead end, suddenly a signal appears to turn into a new direction. When traveling along your choice of road remember to pay attention to the silent conversations that are in the wind that blow through your mind's open window.

I recall many of those conversations, all of them totally within the confines of my mind. They quietly adjusted my destiny and shaped the mixed up crazy person that I am today. It takes courage to listen to them but I can tell you, they will save your life, time and time again. I somehow lost the connection to them a while ago, but I have regained some composure and have intercepted the signal once again. This leads me to believe that universal messages that were so undeliverable are now being forwarded at an alarming rate. I have begun to realign myself and put away the joy stick of control. I never could adapt to that damn thing anyway.

As the fall drops its rain water and sheds its leaves, I am faced with another reminder that change is upon us. I still want to travel back to my youth and be giddy knowing that the holidays are quickly approaching and that also meant that another birthday would be just around the corner. The youthful birthdays were joyous occasions as it was all about the gifts and parties. Now it seems that mum is the word and nary a mention of the chronological age number. Would I want to go feel no responsibility and to just revel in the innocence of the unknown. The early signs of awareness became the enlightenment of each new day. I remember the conversations of the teachers who stood in the classrooms and talked endlessly about things that we did not really want to know about. many times I was shaken back into reality as those silent conversations in the wind transported me to another dimension. I listened intently and discovered their realities later in life. That voice that talked to me was my life's intuition and was responding to my call to destiny. Whether it rang clearly to me from a played 45rpm record or arriving in a daydream, the words spoke of clarity and I listened to my pied piper.

We all must follow our suite of songs and wear our coat of armour to protect from the batterings of being human. If you take the fall at least the coat will protect you from unwanted bruising of the heart. It will be from the original table of contents that you will be able to begin your next chapter in the book of your life.

The words on the paper will serve as the reminder of those passing conversations that blew through the windows of your mind. With each gust of wind it filled the sail that brought you to the arrival of your DESTINATION. That word which fully explains...........D E S T I N Y.
How you communicate......well,...that will deliver the conversations that will be heard in the wind.

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