Thursday, June 24, 2010


It is always interestingly silent when I sit down to write out the words that flow like water down a river, inside my head. Yet today, although starting off extremely fatigued from a long night of anxiety, I was awakened to the sunlight that has been so evasive over these last few seasons and as I lay there gathering my courage to get out of the bed and make the first step on to the floor, I thanked the weather gods for removing the grey clouds that have been hanging around for way too long. After getting my share of dog licks and turning on the tea kettle, I turned and noticed the view on the deck just outside the glass french door. It was there that a couple of spiders were furiously making their webs and the sound of the clanging top of the squirrel feeder as the squirrels feasted on their daily portion of nuts. I opened the door and as I was about to step outside, suddenly whizzing by, was our favorite hummingbird as it was ready to drink some of its morning nectar from its feeder. I had heard that if you hold out your finger near the feeder they would perch and not be afraid of you to do them any harm. At that split second of sleepy foggy memory I slowly opened my hand and down it perched, staring straight into my eyes to sense my human aura. I was so caught up in the nature of this and his satin red neck and white underline that I did not realize that I was a couple of feet from the feeder.
I slowly moved in toward the feeder and he sat on my finger and drank his early morning nectar meal. After drinking for a minute off he flew to continue his day, or so I thought. I then made my way back in for my cup of tea and as I finished preparing it I walked towards the door and my bird friend returned looking for me near the door. Once again he perched upon my finger and I calmly moved him in for more nectar of which be obliged greatly, only this time when he finished he looked at me once again and flew towards my face and bumped his beak to my lips ever so quickly and flew off. I could taste the sweet nectar drop that was left behind and felt that I had been given a great big nature kiss from such a tiny bird.
All day long the vision of that particular incident moved around in my brain as I searched for some kind of meaning to it. Only I did not need to ponder it with such intensity as the answer was there all the time. All I did was reach out to help a friend, albeit a winged friend, but still it was all about trust between two live entities. This fast flying bird moved at such a speed that would equal the pace at which we all move on a day to day basis.
All of us wanting to so desperately trust each other that we keep the chaos in our lives so we don't have to take the time to notice who needs help and to reach out to help each other.
He delivered his thank you in the only way he knew how. The one beak droplet of sweet nectar was like a potion of happiness. I felt that I had been given a renewal of sorts. The sun was streaming and all was beautiful and green. It was amazing to witness such a vision and to finally be more aware of all things free that surround me.
I could not shake the feeling that the universe was definitley delivering a major message here and while I sit and write this, I don't have the clue as to what it may be, but I get the feeling that my plane is being refueled and checked for malfunctions on board. The detailed instructions as to where the destination is, has not been given to me exactly yet, but I know that the map is being drawn and I will be reading it very soon.

My little droplet of sweet nectar still coats my lips with the joy that I was trusted today and perhaps tomorrow someone else will hum the meaning of trust that is long awaiting in their lives.

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